Rosehip Seed Oil is harvested from the seed inside the fruit, also known as the hip of roses. Rosehips were a remedy that was used by the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans all because of its amazing healing properties. 


Vitamin AWell-known for its high concentration (the highest of any pure botanical oil) of natural vitamin A – all-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) 
ATRA - is known for its potent ability to reduce the depth of wrinkles, fade fine lines, lighten age spots, and promote over-all healing of damaged skin by boosting the growth rate of new cells and increasing collagen production deep under the skin’s surface
Rich in skin nourishing essential fatty acids including Linoleic Acid (omega-6) and Linolenic Acid (omega-3) which help to improve the elasticity, texture, and appearance of skin. Also have smaller amounts of Oleic, Palmitic and Stearic Acids. 
Lighter in weight than many other botanical oils, it is ideal for people who want flawless skin without the feeling and appearance of an oily complexion
Antioxidants - Contains high levels of Beta-carotenethe (precursor to Vitamin A)  and Lycopene. 
Lutein - A potent antioxidant which not only shields skin from your phone and laptop's blue light, but also from atmospheric pollutants like particulate matter's (PM) heavy metals and chemicals.
Lycopene - Belongs to a general group of more than 600 fat-soluble plant compounds known as carotenoidsLycopene is also classified as a carotene, which gives many fruits and vegetables their bright yellow, red, and orange color. Aside from performing vital functions during photosynthesis, carotenes are also important free radical scavengers that protect the organism from overexposure to damaging UV-light. Lycopene's antioxidant and UV-blocking capabilities naturally make it a valuable weapon in the battle against aging skin.


    • Vitamins: A (retinoic acid) // E
    • Fatty Acids: Linoleic Acid // Linolenic Acid // Oleic Acid // Palmitic Acid // Stearic Acid 
    • Antioxidants: Lycopene // β-carotene // β-cryptoxanthin // Rubixanthin // Zeaxanthin // Lutein
    • Minerals: Sodium // Iron // Manganese // Zinc // Copper // Magnesium // Calcium

    METHOD OF EXTRACTION: CO2 Supercritical carbon dioxide. This method uses carbon dioxide that is in a fluid state but has a temperature and pressure that give it unique properties somewhere between a gas and a liquid. This enables it to act as a solvent that is idea for chemical extraction due to its low toxicity. It is also very easy to separate the solvent (CO2) from the oil at the end of the process ensuring maximum purity.
    PLANT PART USED: The Seeds
    CULTIVATION METHOD: Certified Organic