Chamomile Essential Oil + Chamomile infused Oil [chamomillia recutita] Organic


It is mildly antibacterial and astringent, offers anti-inflammatory properties that can repair and soothe irritated and hypersensitive skin, also a great healer for eczema. 


Tones the skin -  Astringent properties help as a pore cleaning treatment
Soothes -  Anti-inflammatory properties provide a soothing actions for allergic sensitive and problematic skins. It can help to relieve itchy and inflamed skin conditions like eczema.
Heals - It has been shown to promote faster healing than corticosteroids.
Antioxidant rich - helps reduce acne inflammation, breakouts, and minor scars.
Helps fight and block out irritants - by eliminating free radicals which damage your skin and accelerate the aging process.

Essential oils Notes + Aroma

Essential oils are classified by their "notes" or scent characteristics

TOP - Light//fresh//uplifting

MIDDLE - Warm //soft 

BASE - Intense//heady

Chamomile Essential Oil - MIDDLE 

AROMA - It is very warm, sweet, comforting, slightly bitter and somewhat green.

METHOD OF EXTRACTION - Steam Distillation - involves bubbling steam through the plant material, the essential oils contained in plants are immiscible in water and have a higher boiling point, allowing the essential oil to vaporize at a lower temperature than it normally would on its own. (Chamomile Essential Oil)

METHOD OF EXTRACTION - Infused - An extraction of oil soluble components through the soaking in a vegetable oil. (Chamomile infused in Organic Jojoba Oil)

PLANT PART USED: Infusions - Fresh flowers / Steam Distillation - Flowers/Petals/Buds 

    Chamomile Oil has been incorporated into Superb Serum [face] launching early 2017