skins acid mantle

The Skin's Acid Mantle

The Acid Mantel is vital to the function of the Stratum Corneum - this is the outermost layer of the epidermis - your skin! Along with it's derivat...

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Human face in blue light

How Blue Light Affects Skin

Blue light can be used as a therapy for skin concerns, think acne, but new research suggests that exposure to blue light might stimulate the produc...

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woman with clay facemask

Behind the Face Mask - Clay

Face Mask do not pull out 'toxins' they pull out // dirt // oil // impurities and help remove the surface layer of dead skin, hence the soft skin ...

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Do I Need To Detox?

You can argue that our bodies are purging these toxins all the time through our own natural detox process, therefore a 'Detox regime or period' is ...

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